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Hello and welcome back to my Food Adventures! HAPPY CANADA DAY! 🍁 Unfortunately I don’t have “Canada Day” content this week but I did travel to Kensington Market. Although it was rainy, we made the best of the day.

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Little me and a mango cup


Mango Cup with Tajin and Chamoy

We saw a lot of people walking around with this mango cup so we obviously had to try it. We found it at The Film Cafe for $10. The mango was pre-sliced and they added tajin and chamoy. This was my first time trying chamoy! I didn’t enjoy it the first time but I’m open to trying it again.


Our next stop was Leyenda (Legend) for tacos and churros. I saw the sign offering “2 tacos and 1 churro for $10” and I could not resist! I bought the carnita tacos and dulce de leche churro.

I’ve been practicing Spanish for a few months and I know I can order food in Spanish. But I was TOO SHY to speak! Hopefully, as I continue to learn Spanish, I will gain the confidence! 💪🏽


Before we left Kensington Market, we went to Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. It’s a well-known bakery in the area. We bought the apple crumble and it was the best crumble I’ve ever had!


I’ve been to Kensington Market many times in a pre-COVID world but this was my first time going post-COVID. The “vibe” was the same but many stores closed and some spaces have not been used. The great thing is, the 2 restaurants I went to are new to the area.

I love this wall of unique mugs – my dream!

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Have a great week!


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