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The Office Experience Toronto is officially here! Located at Yorkdale Shopping Centre starting March 3rd 2023 until June 4th 2023. Fans of The Office will enjoy this interactive celebration of the beloved television show.

The Office Experience Toronto entrance.

The immersive experience takes you on a journey to show you the favourite moments from the Dunder Mifflin office. Visitors will have a closer look at original props from the show and set recreations. You can sit at Michael’s desk, have a birthday party in the conference room and spill Kevin’s famous chili!

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Review of The Office Experience

I consider myself a true Office fan, I’ve been watching the show for years including listening to The Office Ladies Podcast. I had high expectations for this experience, and they were matched!

Take Pictures of The Series’ Most Iconic Sets

There are so many set recreations to take pictures of:

  • Pam Beesly’s reception desk
  • Michael’s office
  • The entire office set
  • The conference room
  • The break room
  • Michael Scott Paper Company
  • Jim and Pam’s Wedding Ceremony

There are a lot of staff members available to help you take pictures. But they do have several photo booths around the experience. You can find the photo booths for Michael Scott’s desk, Kevin’s Chili Spill and at Jim and Pam’s Wedding Chapel.

The Office Experience Toronto photo ticket.
Photo Ticket to use Photo Booths

To take photos at the photo booths, you will be given a business card with an unique QR code. The QR code is needed to view your photos. After the experience, you can view your photos near the gift shop. The photos are available for purchase including digital copies.

Memorable Moments

Relive these favorite moments from the series:

  • Dunder Ball
  • Michael Scott’s Parking spot
  • Office Olympics
  • Kevin’s chili spill
  • Ryan’s closet
  • Finer Things Club

Behind the Scenes and Props

At the start of the experience you can read about behind the scenes of The Office show and take a look at the original show costumes. Then you can take a picture next the Scranton sign and the Scranton Business Park sign.

Scranton sign.

As you’re waiting in line to enter the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Office, you can view various character props like Michael’s Diary, Michael’s gift to Toby and the Dundie Awards!

Open the desk drawers to find fun character items like Ryan’s notebook! Pam’s desk was sprinkled with post-it notes and Dwight’s desk had is infamous bobble head.

How to Get Tickets

To purchase tickets visit The Office Experience website. 

There are variety of ticket types available: standard tickets, premium tickets and discount tickets for students or seniors. Most tickets have time slots for entry but you can purchase a flexible entry tickets for an extra cost.

I bought the standard admission ticket and it was good enough for me!

The Office Experience Store

After the experience, you will pass through the themed retail store. The store has sweaters, water bottles, pins, Dunder Mifflin Paper and more! Unfortunately, they did not have the “World’s Best Boss Mug” pin available but you can purchase on their website.

My Overall Thoughts of The Office Experience Toronto

The Office Experience Toronto was a real treat for me as an Office Fan. It’s an unique experience where I could recreate my favourite show moments.

DISLIKES: The photo booth is a good idea however it can be improved by adding more photo booth opportunities. At the end of the experience, you had to pay for either the prints or the digital copies (there is no package to do both so you would need to purchase 2 packages).

But the staff encourages you take pictures, and don’t be shy to ask fellow Office Fans to take your picture!

Despite the timed entry, it was very crowded at times and it can feel chaotic.

LOVES: It’s an interactive experience! So open the drawers, pick up the phone (you may hear Dunder Mifflin staff talking!) and take your time in each area.

OVERALL: This is a 5/5 experience for me!

Gifts for Fans of The Office

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an Office Fan. Here are my suggestions:

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