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Pinterest cover photo for the best places to eat in Vancouver, British Columbia. 
Top left photo: photo of the author (Ashley) sitting on a mountain cliff
top right: Flat lay of Cactus club food
bottom left: side view photo of spicy salmon sushi
bottom right: flatlay of 2 donuts and a blue bag of ground coffee

Looking for the best places to eat in Vancouver? I travelled to Vancouver, British Columbia and checked out a few spots. Check out the list below!

Best places to eat in Vancouver, BC: Quick glance

Best places to eat in Vancouver, BC: Overview

49th Parallel

Flatlay of 2 Lucky's doughnuts and bag of 49th Parallel coffee. This is a great place for coffee and donuts in Vancouver.

Based in Vancouver, 49th Parallel also sells it’s own donuts named Lucky’s Doughnuts. As stated on their website “Everything is made fresh, from scratch, no exceptions.” The result is a soft and subtly sweet doughnut, the perfect way to start a morning!

Small Victory

Side view of Small Victory coffee cup with Vancouver skyline in the background. Photo used as one of the best places to eat in Vancouver.

Small Victory is an inviting coffee shop located in Yaletown. Aside from coffee, Small Victory sells pastries, cookies and scones. The butter croissant (not pictured) which was light, airy and buttery.

Bella Gelateria

Side view of Bella Gelateria chocolate espresso gelato against a white background. Bella Gelateria is located in Vancouver, British Columbia

Bella Gelateria is close to Canada Place so you can view the mountain skyline while eating gelato. The chocolate espresso gelato had a good balance of coffee and chocolate.

Tom Sushi

Side view photo of Tom Sushi spicy salmon sushi. Various sushi in the background. One of the best sushi places to eat in Vancouver.

Tom Sushi is located in Downtown Vancouver with a comfortable vibe. We ordered Vegetable tempera, Gyoza, Dynamite Roll, Yam and Avocado and Spicy Salmon Roll (pictured). Everything was fresh and delicious to eat!

Bella Napoli

Flat lay photo of Bella Napoli brunch food. 2 plates of avocado toast and 1 plate of bacon, potatoes and salad.

I love the brunch menu at Bella Napoli, located in Yaletown, Vancouver. After celebrating with mimosas (not pictured), we ordered brunch. The avocado toast with mixed greens and perfectly poached egg was fresh and filling. The side of potato hash was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – so good!

Patron Tacos and Cantina

side view of 3 fish tacos in a row from Patron Tacos and Cantina. The best taco spots to eat in Vancouver.

Look no further to find the best fish tacos! Trust me, Patron Tacos and Cantina has the best fish tacos! The fish was soft and the batter was crispy.

Cactus Club

Flatlay photo of Cactus Club food. cripsy chicken sliders, burger and fries and lettuce wraps. Ca

Cactus Club originated in North Vancouver, and now has 31 locations across Canada. We ordered the Szechwan Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Mini Crispy Sandwiches and the Feenie Burger. Everything tasted amazing, and I recommend going to a Cactus Club at least once!

Hapa Izakaya

A row of tuna sushi from Hapa Izakaya located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a great place to eat in Vancouver.

Hapa Izakaya is a small-dish and modern Japanese restaurant located in Yaletown, Vancouver. We ordered a lot of food and pictured above is Spicy Tuna Sushi. The atmosphere was relaxed and the food was perfection!

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