McDonald’s Big Mac Chicken Burger is Now Available in Canada

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McDonald’s Big Mac Chicken Burger is a new twist on the classic Big Mac Burger. Toronto Chef, Jeff Anderson, tested the Chicken Big Mac for 2 years before launching to the fast food chain customers.

McDonald's Big Mac Chicken Burger is Now Available in Canada

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What is the Chicken Big Mac?

The new burger was created because McDonald’s customers were creating “hacks” on the original Big Mac. Fast food eaters were combining two Jr. Chicken burgers or replacing the burger patties with a chicken patty. The McDonald’s team saw this as a significant opportunity to create a new item.

The Chicken Big Mac has all the typical Big Mac ingredients: The Big Mac sauce, sesame seed bun, lettuce, pickles, onions and processed cheese. However, two chicken burgers replace the beef patties.

The McDonald’s Big Mac Chicken Burger launched in the United Kingdom and United States last year with a huge success.

Canadians can enjoy the new Chicken Big Mac for a limited time starting March 7th 2023.

The Chicken Big Mac joins other McDonald’s delicious options such as the Chicken Nuggets, Junior Chicken Burger and the Chicken McMuffin.

What Does the McDonald’s Big Mac Chicken Burger Taste Like?

Source: That’s What I Ate Today TikTok

Here’s a review by Patrick from “That’s What I Ate Today” on TikTok. Patrick says it tastes bland and similar to putting Chicken McNuggets in a burger form. Maybe McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac does not live up to the original Big Mac?

For approximately $7CAN, you can also enjoy the Chicken Big Mac at participating McDonald’s locations.

If you’re a Big Mac fan, are you trying out this version?

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