My Review of Justin Bieber Biebs Brew Canada

Bieb’s Brew finally arrived in Canada on Monday June 6th 2022! Tim Hortons collaborated with the pop singer Justin Bieber to release a refreshing new drink – French Vanilla Cold Brew – and new merch!

I previously reviewed the Tim Hortons collab with Justin Bieber last year. It seems like Timbiebs TimBits were a huge success. So much so, in this second collab, they have released the TimBiebs again! WooHoo!

In this TimBiebs collaboration, all of the original flavours are back. The Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake Waffle and the Chocolate White Fudge.

Once again, the Sour Cream Chocolate Chip TimBieb is my favourite!

Biebs Brew Review Canada

For a limited time, you can enjoy the Tim Hortons cold brew – the creamy French Vanilla flavour.

Actually, The French Vanilla Cold Brew/Iced Coffee currently exists at Tim Hortons locations – without the iconic “Biebs Brew Cup”. There is no cost difference between the Bieb’s Brew and the “regular” iced coffee. But if you are Justin Bieber fan, you may appreciate the branded cup.

Hand holding a small biebs brew cup for the biebs brew review canada.

The new Biebs Brew is an iced coffee with hints of delicious vanilla topped with cream. The cream is part of the standard order but can be switched to milk or plant-based milk (depending on the Tims Restaurants).

Bieb’s Brew is available in Canada and the United States.

Newest Merchandise

In part of the latest product collaboration, Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber created two new items: The tote bag and the stainless steel tumbler with a reusable straw.

Both items have the Bieb’s Brew logo on it. Unfortunately my tumbler did not come with the reusable straw (I’m not sure if this was an oversight on my part).

There are limited quantities of Justin Bieber merchandise.

In the previous post about the new Bieb’s Brew launch, I mentioned that the original merchandise (fanny pack and beanie) will be launched again. However, it’s unclear to me if there was no re-launch or the Tim Hortons I visited did not have the product available.

My Bieb’s Brew Review

Tim Hortons is doing their best to appeal to a younger audience and to create a positive Tims experience. The Tims team smartly joined forces with the 28-year-old pop superstar and created those delicious TimBiebs flavours.

There appears to be a stronger use of social media in this launch – from social media ads, TV commercials and radio airtime. (As I was writing this, a radio commercial came on!)

flatlay of timbiebs box, tote bag and tumbler.

I think this is a fun experience for people who like Justin Bieber and want to collect his branded products.

If you have a slight sweet tooth, you will enjoy the Timbiebs donut holes and the smooth flavour of the French Vanilla!

Don’t forget to bring the restaurant’s loyalty program Tims Rewards!

Have you tried the new Bieb’s Brew? Let me know your thoughts!

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7 responses to “My Review of Justin Bieber Biebs Brew Canada”

  1. Natalie

    Well, I never heard of Biebers Biebs brew! Now you got me intrigued

  2. Oh man, I haven’t been to Canada since before the pandemic. I guess it’s time for a trip! We always visit Tim Horton’s at least once.

  3. Love the Biebs brew- super refreshing for the heat!

  4. Not a coffee fan so I haven’t tried the Biebs Brew bit the Tim Biebs are delish. The sour cream ones are my fave as well!

  5. Christie

    My daughter is a huge Bieber fan! I wonder if they will make their way to the states. : )

  6. Definitely on the lookout for this coffee!

  7. I wish they sold these in my town, some of these look really amazing.

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