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Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique is a speciality donut shop available across Toronto. These donuts have the signature Japanese “pon de ring” style similar to a bubble or flower petal shape.

Isabella's Mochi Donut Boutique Review. 6 donuts in a box.

What is Mochi?

Mochi is a chewy Japanese snack, also known as rice cake, and are made from rice flour, cornstarch and sugar. Mochi donuts are dough balls with the traditional chewy mochi texture, dipped in different frostings to create an unique donut.

Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique Review

My Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique Review is it has great service, friendly staff and good doughnuts – what else do you need? It is now my favourite donut place and I can barely resist these delicious donuts!

Isabella’s boutique restaurant updates their original flavours weekly, check out their Instagram for available flavours!

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A few of their original flavours are: black sesame, s’mores, chocolate, earl grey and more!

6 donuts in a box.

Isabella’s have 3 standard donuts: original, cinnamon and sugar and maple.

Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique Locations

Find this yummy treat at these 4 locations in Toronto:

  1. 2066 Queen St East – Open 11-5 daily
  2. 4 St Patrick St – Open 11-6 daily
  3. 607 Bloor St W – Open 12-7 daily
  4. 300 Borough Dr (Inside Scarborough Town Centre) – Mall Hours

You can find Isabella’s Mochi Donut Boutique on Uber Eats with delivery fees.

3 donuts in a box. Isabella's Mochi Donut Boutique Review.


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Isabella’s Mochi Donuts – World’s Best Mochi Donuts

Isbella’s Mochi Donuts Instagram

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