Best Hot Tea Mugs in 2022

We all love a cup of hot coffee or tea at the coffee shop. But another option is to enjoy our morning coffee in the comfort of our home.

List of mugs in order of appearance:

1. Stoneware mug from Indigo Chapters: This mug comes with a tea strainer and a lid to keep the tea at the perfect temperature.

2. Pink Llama Valentine’s Day mug from Laura Secord (sold by Metro Grocery): This is the perfect gift for Valentine’s day! It’s bright, pink and features a cute llama!

3. Colour Changing green mug from David’s Tea: To upgrade your tea drinking experience, try out a colour changing mug! However, to be honest, the colour change happens so quickly! I tend to miss it happening!

4. Blue mug from David’s Tea: This mug comes with a stainless steel infuser and a matching lid.

5. Pink Holiday Moose mug by La Senza: This is a large mug, I can easily call it a tea bowl!

6. Tigger Inspired mug from the Disney Store: This is a great gift for all Disney lovers!

7. Gold and white mug made by Starbucks: Starbucks is a great option to find mugs. They have lots of travel mugs in different colors and different sizes for your morning commute.

8. Tricolour mug sold by Indigo Chapters: Indigo Chapters is one of my top picks for the best coffee mugs. Find plenty of gifts for special occasions including delicious tea!

9. “E” Monogram mug from Indigo Chapters: The monogram is a nice feature and lets people know that this is *your* mug.

10. Skeleton mug by the Disney Store: This is a fun mug for Halloween, the only downside is it’s awkward to drink from.

11. Snoopy mug from Hallmark: This is one of my oldest mugs which is the perfect cup for me!

12. Light blue/grey mug by IKEA: Personally, this is the best mug for me because it’s the perfect size! This is one of my best hot tea mugs in 2022!

13. Witch, Please mug from Indigo Chapters: When I want a little more tea, I use this one. Although it’s for Halloween, I like using it year round.

14. White mug with flowers sold by Indigo Chapters: This is a large mug that I barely used! But it’s beautiful.

15. Dark blue mug by IKEA: This is simply the darker version of the light blue mug and it’s another perfect choice for me. This is one of my best hot tea mugs in 2022!

16. White and gold mug from Winners: Although this is a beautiful mug, I find the tea cools down too quickly. It also requires a hand wash due to the gold handle. 

17. This Girl Can mug by Indigo Chapters: Again, this is the perfect cup for tea lovers! It’s small and holds the right amount of tea but I love the messaging! 

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