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About Ashley

Hello! I’m Ashley, the person behind the bakes. I grew up baking every Sunday alongside my mom. We would bake cookies, muffins, breads and cakes. It was expected that we would bake for holidays, parties and picnics. I always felt joy when someone enjoyed my baking!

I am a self-taught baker, mostly learning in the family kitchen and challenging myself with different recipes (I’m looking at you croissants). In high school, I took a couple of hospitality (baking and cooking) courses but I never pursued baking professionally.

In March 2021, I started Ashley C. Bakes by posting on Instagram. As I started developing my own recipes, I needed a space where all my recipes can be easily accessed. This blog was born! My goal is to create everyday recipes to home bakers (like me!).

When I’m not baking, I like to read, exercise and travel. Visit my blog section to read about a few of my adventures!

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