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Last modified Monday August 16th, 2021

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Want to know the 5 best places to eat in Uxbridge, Ontario? I visit the local farmer's market and try out a few products! #uxbridgeontario #uxbridgeEats

We will get to the 5 places to Eat in Uxbridge, Ontario soon but first I want to talk about what brought us here. My friend and I went to a Summer High Tea experience hosted by 3612 Fine Dining Bistro. The High Tea was located at the York-Durham Heritage Railway, and the High Tea is normally on the train itself!

York-Durham Heritage Railway sign. This blog post talks about the 5 places to eat in Uxbridge, Ontario

The Heritage Railway had a few decommissioned (out of order) trains on the property which you can safety walk between. Luckily, the High Tea was located behind the Farmer’s Market which we will find my favourite food places!

York-Durham Railway decommissioned railway station.

3 of the 5 places to eat is located at the Uxbridge Farmer’s Market. We will talk about chocolate, honey, fruits and pastries! Continue reading below for the 5 places to eat in Uxbridge, Ontario!

Desbarres Chocolate

3 Chocolate bars from Desbarres Chocolate is my favourite place to eat in Uxbridge, Ontario! 
1. Caramel Crunch 
2. Monte Grande
3. Midnight Mocha

Desbarres chocolate is a small-batch retailer that sources cacao straight from the source. I bought 4 different bars: Caramel Crush, Monte Grande, Midnight Mocha (pictured above) and Ambanja (not pictured). The Desbarres chocolate bars I have tried has a subtle but distinct taste with a melt-in-your-mouth feel, so satisfying!

Autumn’s Bounty

Autumn's Bounty 1Kg honey

Family owned and local farm with honey and maple syrup. Autumn’s Bounty has multiple sizes of honey, I bought the 1Kg (pictured).


Fresh and juicy strawberries from the Uxbridge Farmers Market

Unfortunately I did not get the name of the farm that sold me these strawberries. Either way, I was not disappointed with what I paid for! These strawberries were so juicy and sweet, I can eat these all day.

Tea Room

The 3612 Fine Dining Bistro is an amazing place to eat in Uxbridge, Ontario. Photographed is a high tea spread filled with little pastries, scones and sandwiches.

As I stated earlier, we went to the 3612 Summer High Tea Experience, located at the York-Durham Heritage Railway. Pictured above is our tray, filled with mini sandwiches, scones and pastries.

Annina’s Bakeshop

Vegan palmier at Annina's Bakeshop. Annina's bakeshop was named the "go-to" place to eat in Uxbridge, Ontario.

Located in Goodwood, Ontario, Annina’s Bakeshop is a great pitstop for drivers and cyclists. I bought a vegan palmier (pictured) and molten lava cake (eaten prior to a photo) and both tasted amazing! The thought of a vegan palmier never crossed my mind, but I was excited to see these options available.

Have you tried any of the above? Which ones do you want to try out? Let me know in the comments.

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