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Do you love Mystery Thriller Books? From psychological thrillers, suspense novels to crime books – here is a list of what you should read in 2023. Comment which ones you think are the best mystery thriller books you have read and which books you’ll add to your reading list.

The Tenant by Katrine Engberg

The Tenant


After a young woman is murdered in her apartment, two persistent detectives (Kørner and Werner) are put on the case to solve the crime. The other tenants in the apartment are prime suspects, especially as one tenant is writing a novel with an eerily similar plot to the murder.

The Tenant is the debut novel of Danish crime novelist – Katrine Engberg. Engberg’s books are originally written in Danish and then translated to English.

The Guest List


This is a wedding to remember! A young couple gets married on a private island off the coast of Ireland. A storm is brewing (literally and figuratively) and after someone turns up dead, the guests become suspects. With different perspectives from each guest, we learn who was the real murderer.

The Guest List is written by Lucy Foley who also wrote The Paris Apartment and The Hunting Party.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Verity by Colleen Hoover



The husband of a best-selling author Verity Crawford hires a struggling author, Lowen Ashleigh. Ashleigh begins staying at Verity’s house and uncovers shocking secrets. Does Ashleigh tell Verity’s husband the truth or keeps Verity’s secrets to protect herself? With a few plot twists, this is a good book for all book lovers.

Colleen Hoover’s books went viral on TikTok and her popular novels include It Ends with Us and Ugly Love.

Gone Girl


After Nick’s wife disappears on their anniversary, Nick must piece together his own evidence to find her. However, the evidence – or clues – his wife leaves behind points to him as the main suspect. Can Nick find his wife before the police does?

Gone Girl was made into a movie in 2014 with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

The Paris Apartment


Looking for a fresh start Jess moves in with her brother Ben in his high-end Paris apartment. When she gets there, Ben is missing. After a few days and Ben is still missing, Jess starts investigating the fellow tenants. The tenants are quiet and tight-lipped but Jess is still searching for the truth.

The Paris Apartment is the most recent crime novel of Lucy Foley, launching in 2022.

The Girl on the Train


A psychological mystery thriller book, Rachel commutes to work and passes by a young couple in their home every day. One day, she catches something that changes her outlook on the couple. Rachel and this young couple’s lives converge together for better or for worse?

The Girl on the Train was made into a movie in 2016 starring Emily Blunt.

The Silent Patient

Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient follows Alicia, a woman who murders her husband and does not speak for the next 6 years. A criminal psychotherapist starts following her case and the audience is taken on a page-turning journey and ends with a great twist.

The Silent Patient is Alex Michaelides’ first book and was on the New York Times best sellers list for over a year.

The Maid

Nita Prose

The ultimate crime book! The main character, Molly Grey, is a maid at a fancy hotel. She leads a simple and organized life with her grandmother. Until one day, she discovers a wealthy man dead in his hotel room. Molly finds herself a prime suspect but with help from her friends, she helps uncover the truth.

The Maid is Nita Prose’s only novel.

Sharp Objects

Gillian Flynn

A reporter, Camille, returns to her hometown to cover a murder of a young girl. As Camille is uncovering this story, she hesitantly reconnects with her mother and half-sister. This murder mystery will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Written by Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects won the 2007 Ian Fleming Steel Dagger for Best Thriller.

The Wife Between Us

Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Ex-wife, The Husband and His new Fiance. This love triangle exposes dark secrets about their marriage.

Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen are authors of An Anonymous Girl, The Golden Couple and You Are Not Alone.

The Housemaid

Freida McFadden

The Housemaid by Freida McFadden

This gripping thriller book follows a maid who holds secrets of her own while she looks after a wealthy families home and daughter. She uncovers a mysterious attic that only locks from the outside and her curiosity overcomes her.

The Housemaid is the 1st book of a 2-part series.

The Other Guest

Helen Cooper

After Leah’s neice tragically drowns in a lake, Leah returns to the lake and finds her family completely moved on. Meanwhile, Joanna meets a handsome bartender but he may not be who he seems. These two stories may be mysteriously connected with a shocking twist.

Helen Cooper also wrote The Downstairs Neighbor.

You Should Have Told Me

Leah Konen

Max, Janie’s boyfriend, goes missing then the police shows up at her home. The police report a young woman was found dead. Janie questions her relationship and the man she thought she knew.

Leah Konen writes mystery thriller books including The Perfect Escape and All the Broken People.

The House Across the Lake

Riley Sager

An actress, Casey, flies to her private lake house but she is curious about a couple who recently moved into the house across the lake. Casey watches them but the wife goes missing and Casey is determined to find out what happened to her and uncovers who is the real serial killer haunting the lake.

Riley Sager is a New York Times Best Seller author 6 times with Survive the Night, Home after Dark and more.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Holly Jackson

Five years after a murder case is closed, Pippa chooses the case for her final school project. However, she starts to uncover secrets that the small town wants to keep hidden, and maybe the real killer is out there.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is Holly Jackson’s debut novel.

Which of these murder mystery books are you reading next? What are your favourite mystery thriller books?